Development Planning

New Draft Land Scheme a key to Economic Growth

City of Johannesburg Press Statement by
MMC Cllr Funzi Ngobeni, Development Planning

New Draft Land Use Scheme a key to economic growth

30 June 2017
Release: Immediate

Yesterday, 29 June 2017, Council granted approval for the beginning of public consultations on the Draft Land Use Scheme. The Scheme seeks to do away with the City’s historic town planning schemes adopted in the 1970s and early 1980s, in favour of a new single, consolidated regulatory tool.

There are currently 13 different historic town planning schemes in the City, which differ in their definition of land use and also prescribes different processes to obtain land use rights. The present situation cannot be sustained.

I am delighted to inform our residents that for the first time in over three decades, they will have the opportunity to engage with guidelines that regulate the use, development and management of property within the City.

The scheme is an important tool forming the basis for zoning law enforcement in the City. It also prescribes the extent to which properties can be developed and stipulates processes for obtain permissions with respect to the use of properties.

In this respect, the scheme is a powerful tool which can be used to drive economic development within the City – increasing employment opportunities for many of our residents, particularly the youth.

In line with the new administration’s strategic vision, the draft Land Use Scheme aims to:

· establish new processes for land development that will promote economic development and attract investment;

· implement the City’s Spatial Development Framework to provide meaningful redress;

· introduce compatible land use and lawful enforcement with respect to zoning in order to safeguard land development investment and reduce risks to public health and business confidence;

· make provision for socio economic zones with customized rules for development; and

· ensure that land development preserves natural and heritage resources for future generations.

The draft Scheme will undergo a 60-day public consultation period, upon its publication in the Provincial Gazette. I encourage members of the public to become active participants in the development of the City’s new land use so that we may all work together to make our City thrive.

MMC Development Planning

For media queries, contact:

Poppy Louw
Stakeholder Manager
Office of the MMC: Development Planning
011 407 6695
081 235 4999


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