Anti Zuma Protest – 7 April 2017

Today marked a monumental moment in the lives of all South Africans as people across the Country united to march against a man whose greed and egotism has slowly but surely been leading our beautiful Country into the dark depths of despair.

People of all ages, races, cultures and creeds gathered together with one message “Zuma Must Fall”. Today we all stood up for our Constitutional rights and the democracy that we fought so hard to establish. Today we said enough is enough and we will not allow one man to divide our nation and undo the legacy left behind by great leaders such as former President Nelson Mandela.

We hope that the many members of Parliament, and perhaps even Zuma himself, take heed of the people’s dissatisfaction and do the honourable thing by removing him from office as our nation cannot continue to be leaderless and forgotten in the pursuit of the material prosperity of a few at the expense of the people they claim to represent and fight for.

Today represents a turning point in all our lives! Today we stood together! Today I am truly proud to be South African!


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